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Go PREMIUM to unleash your ad to the power of Facebook advertising.

Premium ads will be pushed out across the SpreadMyWord Facebook group network reaching millions throughout the UK. 

How it Works

"Spread My Word" allows everyone to access the power of Facebook post advertising.

Our Portal, as well as being a classified site in its own right, has a sophisticated database system which ties your premium listings directly into our Facebook posting engine.


What does this mean?


This means that placing a premium listing on our Spread My Word portal site, will not only publish that listing on Our system will pick up your listing, along with any web links you provide, and subject to your criteria, will then re-post your listing, and weblinks to public facebook groups and the "Spread My Word" facebook network of Groups. It will do this, at least once a day for the period of your listing. This may not sound like anything special until you consider that math!!!!!

Average Group membership = approx 3000 people (Some groups are much higher)

Average Posting Over Entire UK = 300 Groups

So, without accounting for people re-sharing posts (which we know people do!) We have a simple sum of 3000x300 = 900,000. So in the lowest approximation your listing could potentially be seen by 900,000 people or more within hours. Now THAT is making advertising work for you, THAT is the power of Spread My Word advertising.

Listing on SpreadMyWord is free. Upgrading to premium listing may incur a fee, you can also find credit packages available for £10, £25 and £50 credit packages, making listing of multiple listing faster and easier.


Spread My Word can be used for almost any kind of listing*, Whether it be spreading your facebook page, spreading you business website, spreading a general message, Gumtree Ad or Ebay Listing you will find that Spread My Word increases your traffic and brings potential customers to your sites.

Dont Delay, Spread The Word Today!!!

* Listings are vetted before Facebook Publication, inappropriate listings will not be spread and may be deleted. Refunds will not be given.